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Comprehensive Mobile Development

iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android development

iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Netbooks, Android...and whatever comes next. Personal computing is rapidly moving away from the desktop and into a wide variety of mobile devices and Code-Monkeys is leading the way. With our clients enjoying huge success in the apps we have built for them along with our own mass marketed apps Code-Monkeys has established itself as a dominant force in the industry.

Video Games

The single biggest sector by far in mobile application development is gaming. But don't get caught thinking this is just wasted code. Gaming is big business and gaming technology is now regularly used in training and simulation applications as well. Wildfire Fighter and G:Into the Rain are just two of the hugly suggessful games we've built for the iTunes Store and some of the game projects we will be roling out this year will be mind blowing.

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Netbooks & Intel AppUp Center

(including iPhone to netbook conversion)

Netbook and iPhonr to Netbook conversioon

Netbooks blur the line between the mobile world and the laptop world and as a category they are spreading like wildfire. The netbook has special needs and unique considerations that make experience with the platform critical. Code-Monkeys specializes in porting those Obj-C iPhone/iPad application into Intel's new AppUp Center. We have become so skilled in the field (appdeveloper Red Belts) that Intel now referes many of their clients to us for help in this area.

Augmented Reality

Few sectors in the new mobile computing world draw as much hope and hype as the VR world of augmented reality. But we're far too interested in the fascinating and realistic application of this sci-fi concept to be scared away by a few naysayers. Soon Code-Monkeys will be taking revolutionary steps in this arena and looks forward to maintaining our position as an industry leader by helping make Augmented Reality a reality.

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The Web Still Holds It All Together

web application development

Code-Monkeys has been in the backend web application development world since 1999. We are experts in building ecommerce tools, database design and all manner of web development, if it can be done...we can do it. As exciting as the mobile space has become, it still typically requires regular communication with the web and often a dedicated web application to serve info to the handheld device. Who better to build your website than the company that is building your app? Keeping all your high-tech development with one company leads to higher productivity, better synergy between your tech devices, lower development costs and less down time all of which means more money in your pocket.


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