About Code-Monkeys

It's a jungle out there...
You need somebody who knows the ropes.

The BridgeCode-Monkeys was created when a pair of web-developers, working as independent contractors, recognized an unmet need. We saw that web designers were often forced to write increasingly complex computer code that they really don't want to write. What was worse was when highly technical programmers tried to make a web-page attractive. Artists shouldn't have to write code - programmers simple should never make art.

That epiphany lead to our first mission statement: "Provide top-notch technical expertise to graphic artists, so they can do what they love and we can do what we love — to develop elegant, efficient web sites and web applications."

Code-Monkeys quickly made itself a niche as the bridge between the highly creative and the highly technical. Able to walk in both worlds we were also able to bring the best of both to the same table.

...Time Marches On

In time web programming turned into custom software development. HTML front ends grew into complex data driven back ends with Flash faces and SQL souls. Keeping up with what was new was what we were best at and what we loved. Those were good years as the web flourished and expanded and we made some great friends like Intel, Aruba Networks, and GE - but the biggest shift was yet to come.

The Mobile Transmogrification

For years 'mobile' had been the always-promised-never-delivered punchline at developer meet-ups. But something finally broke loose with the release of Apple's iPhone and mobile is now the belle of the ball. Code-Monkeys first dipped its toes in the mobile space in late 2008 and found the water warm. Shortly thereafter we decided that this was a space we wanted to dive fully into and reshaped the business to focus on this exploding field of development.

Now marching forward in exciting fields like video gaming, e-learning, and augmented reality Code-Monkeys is perfectly poised to help you take full advantage of the unique opportunities mobile presents.

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