Showcase: Aruba Networks & Augmented Reality

We've had the pleasure of doing some really fun work over the years, but clearly one of the most interesting projects we've had the pleasure to test ourselves against was an online integration of web-development and Google Earth in a very prescient application in the cutting edge field of augmented reality. (learn more about AR here)

As a premiere vendor of highly secure outdoor wireless networks, Aruba Networks needed a planning tool to help sales and installation users pre-visualize a site in three dimensions along with context sensitive 3D coverage models of each of their various antennas and access points. Enter Code-Monkeys.

Utilizing ColdFusion, Fusebox and Google Earth, we developed a fully web-based utility to import, modify and re-export Google Earth .KMZ files that include tons of additional data about a site's coverage, models scaled to represent various inputs, and all the hidden meta data to make multiple passes through the tool integrate with the native Google Earth interface. This is EXACTLY the kind of tool that blends location sensitivity with additional virtual data to create a view of this world that could never be imagined before today's open data stores.

Not only does the tool facilitate the visualization of wireless coverage, it also builds and validates mesh link networks between access points, helping Aruba Networks sales reps as well as their clients, see available data rates and redundancies. When all is said and done, the online tool has been a huge boon to Aruba in a very competitive market. Using cutting edge technology in a format that brings portability to a new high.

Can Augmented Reality help your business?

Contact Code-Monkeys today and learn more about this fascinating opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition.

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