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AppUp Developer For HireOne of the biggest stories coming out of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show was Intel's announcement of their AppUp Center building upon the fantastic success of the netbook platform. Of course everybody has their opinion but ours is this:
When OEM manufacturers like Dell, Samsung and Acer are shipping the AppUp software as part of a pre-installed bundle, this will be the next iTunes Store.

The key to all of this is the rocket ship popularity of the netbook style computer - the netbooks that almost ALL contain the Intel Atom procesor...you start to see the magic here?

Netbooks sold around 40 MILLION units in 2009 and were the fastest growing category of platform in the market. (See CNET)

Netbook Sales RockWhere we come in...

Code-Monkeys was one of the very first developers in the new AppUp Center porting Soma Games' award winning iPhone title, G:Into The Rain. , to the new platform. G remains one of the highest rated games in the AppUp Center to this date. We are experienced programmers and Red Belts in the Intel Developer Center. View an interview with our CTO and Netbook News at the 2010 GDC below...

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