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Millions Of Internet Users - Unplugged And Mobile

People are online in record numbers. They're connecting with each other in a myriad of different ways: social media, SMS, blogging (video-blogging, pod-casting, and just plain ol' blogging), Status Updates, Tweets, and more...

Up until very recently, they've all been shackled to their computers.

The Mobile Revolution Is Upon Us

It seems that all of those previously shackled consumers are waking up and breaking their chains.

Mobile Devices are allowing people to get out from behind their computers and interact without sacrificing their internet connections. In fact, Mobile Devices aren't just allowing people to walk around and interact - they're Augmenting our reality.

Augmented Reality Apps

GPS Apps

Using GPS, our mobile apps can tell us where we are... where we're going... where our friends are... where our dinner plans are... where our next meeting is... where our next cup of coffee is...

Augmented Reality Apps / Camera Overlay Apps

When people talk about "Augmented Reality" generally most people are referring to an app that shows the user extra information about their surroundings via the smartphone camera. That information can take pretty much any form: text, graphics, grids, video, or any combination.

The possibilities for Augmented Reality Apps really begin to boggle the mind when you add GPS to the mix:

  • Apps that map your destination or your tracks
  • Virtual comments that are GPS-tagged to a specific location
  • Games that use real-world position and movement
  • Social Media Apps that connect users online, and in the real-world
  • Real Estate Apps that map and inform about not only properties, but also neighborhoods. Remember... Location Location Location!

Mobile Devices have brought the internet to the real world

...and you thought the possibilities were endless when you were shackled to your PC in your basement. Imagine your possibilities now.

If you can imagine it...

Code-Monkeys can bring reality your imaginings.


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