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iPhone/iTouch Developer For HireJust in case you missed it, the iPhone platform is the biggest news in computing since the internet. In just over six months, the Apple iPhone store sold over 500 million applications, and in three additional months, crossed the ONE BILLION app mark!
That, my friends, is an accelerating curve.

More to the point raised here, the Games and Entertainment categories are the largest by far and make up a full third of all sales on Apple's App Store.
Can you say 'Addressable Market'

Mobile Device + Cool Software + Micro-Transactions = Brilliant!

What's made the thing so successful is the same thing that made the web explode ten years ago: it's incredibly easy for good, but modestly sized programs to be built, published, and distributed to the folks who want them. The vast majority of those downloads (over 1.5B as of 21Jul) were small applications (primarily games) built by new developers who wrote code in their spare time. They had a good idea that the market wanted...and millionaires were, and continue to be, made overnight.

What's particularly compelling now is the way the video game market as a whole is fairing in a down's growing1,2! Of course it's probably too much to say that any industry is truly recession-proof, but with most every other indicator down in the last 18 months, gaming - and particularly iPhone gaming which has EXPLODED since the app store's launch - is looking like a better and better place to put a few chips down.

Where we come in...

Open FeintAs great as the current situation is, the future is looking even brighter. And while gaming hobbyists have good ideas, the best games came from the folks who PLAY them...foks like you. If you have a great idea for the next killer iPhone game, we want to talk to you. Already several key technologies have sprouted up and we're on the edge with them. Open Feint, Torque, social networking with Facebook and Twitter - all of these interactive technologies are integral parts of what's making the iPhone the force of nature that it is.

You've got the Brain - (your brilliant game idea)

We've got the Brawn - (the horsepower to see your game live)

Today is a golden opportunity!

I'm in! What's next?

Tell Us What You're Thinking...

Another raft of projects (6 projects currently in-work) is coming to a close and we are seeking new projects to work on. If you think you have the next killer app then we hope you'll give us the chance to bring your vision to the app store.

The next step is to tell us a little about your project and we'll work up a preliminary estimate for you. If you like, download the optional NDA to protect your intellectual property and upload it along with a your initial description.

Keep in mind that the more detailed you are, the more able we are to create a complete and accurate appraisal of the application's cost and timeline. What's more, we've been getting a lot of traffic on this page since we started the Google ad that possibly brought you here so the more detailed and complete a description we get, the more likely we are to see the utter bodacity of your concept and pass on the concepts of mere mortals.




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