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Multi-Platform Developer For HireSoftware design is entering a new paradigm where small, tight, single-purpose applications that run on mobile devices are outselling the larger, more bloated software we're used to seeing on our desktops and laptops. One of the big stories coming out of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show was Intel's announcement of their AppUp Center building upon the fantastic success of the netbook platform. And Intel's store was only the latest to join with stores from Apple, Android and RIM. Between the various devices there is an addressable market of over 200 million users buying several billions of apps in 2009 alone. Of course everybody has their opinion but ours is this:
Easy publishing and massive penetration makes the mobile app space the most exciting software market of the next five years.

But most people find themselves with a difficult decision - What platform to publish on...

Netbook Sales RockWhere we come in...

Code-Monkeys specializes in mobile development REGARDLESS of platform. What's more, the vast majority of apps rely on a robust web-based system to serve dynamic data - the things we've been building since 1999. So our question is this: why limit yourself to a single mobile platform when you can publish to them all? Why limit your market to one group when you can reach every smartphone, tablet, and netbook on the planet?

Whether you need iPhone, Android, iPad or all of the above, Code-Monkeys can bring your brilliant idea to life and keep it all running smoothly with expert support over the long haul.

Do you have a great idea, just perfect for one or more of the mobile platforms?
Do you have an existing app that you're ready to expand into new territories?
Do you hear the sound of opportunity knocking?

If you still have some general or specific questions, just get in touch. There's no obligation, we're just here to talk. Call or fill out the short form below and we'll be sure to get back to you right away.

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Some additional reading...

Audience Fragmentation Is Well Underway1 defines "Audience Fragmentation" as
Division of audiences into small groups due to the wide spectrum of media outlets.

Audience FragmentationWhen the internet brought web-users hundreds of choices for finding information, internet users responded by forsaking the monolithic news and magazine giants, in favor of finding rich and varied content for themselves.

This trend continues today, and it has produced billions of web-users who knows how to find the content they want. Savvy organizations and individuals have catered to this and met the need - hence the explosion of content on the web today - from news and commentary to blogs, status updates and tweets...

Social Media Accelerating Audience Fragmentation

Social Media like Facebook, and Twitter have captured huge portions of internet traffic. As a result, these web-based social networks are starting to have noticeably large effect on real-world events like the Grammys and the Golden Globes.

Effects like these are only going to become more pronounced. It is predicted that by 2013, there will be over one billion users accessing the web via a mobile device. Of those 1 billion mobile users, we can expect that half or more will be spending time on a social network.

Where Does That Leave You?

Today, people are using mobile devices to make their online presence known.

They're communicating, messaging, blogging, commenting, donating... They're changing the world around them.

Custom Mobile Apps for Social Networks

Code-Monkeys is in the business of building Custom Apps that help you navigate the flood of mobile-users. Whether that's using existing social networks to get your message out, or carving out your own group of followers and fans, we can make it happen.

Supplementary Services

  • Social Media / Marketing Consulting
  • Scope & Cost Forecasting
  • Multi-Channel Distribution
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