We're Looking For A Half Dozen Gems

Special pricing available for qualifying applications.

Since 2008, we've had the pleasure of building some truly excellent and award-winning apps. We been pleased to see our reputation for quality and forethought recognized in venues and publications as varied as Netbook News to Intel to The Wall Street Journal.

We know how to build rock-solid, successful apps - and we've proven it.

But mobile technology continues to evolve and we're not at all interested in sitting on our laurels. Which is why we're opening a special program to offer special pricing, as much as 20% off, to a half-dozen apps that show particular qualities.

If you've got an idea for the next 'killer app' - whether it's for the iPhone, the Android...better yet, BOTH...we'd like to talk to you. We'll be selecting this group of apps based on their unique qualities, not necessarily their size or scope. No app is too simple or too complex to qualify, it just needs to fit into certain slots we're trying to fill.

It's win-win for all of us.
You get your app built by industry experts at a substantial discount.
We get to improve our chops and charge the next guy full price.

We look forward to seeing your brilliant concept...




Applicable Platform(s): (Multi-platform apps earn extra points)

Supporting Web App
Windows Netbook
Moblin Netbook

Specific Features(s):

GPS/Location Services
3D (ex:gaming)
Augmented Reality
Unity or Torque
Facebook Integration
Twitter Integration
OpenFeint Integration

Project Scope/Description:

How Did You Find Us:

Anything else you want to tell us...

Supplementary Services

  • Social Media / Marketing Consulting
  • Scope & Cost Forecasting
  • Multi-Channel Distribution
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