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We've been writing custom software for over a decade, primarily in the form of backend web-enabled applications. In 2008 we saw the mobile space finally shift from the field that was always over-promising-and-never-delivering to the explosive powerhouse it is quickly becoming. Since then we've opened up a wide range of services that point to the mobile space as well as continuing our pioneering work in the web world.

Multi-Platform Mobile Applications

We started building iPhone apps and video games almost as soon as the iTunes store opened in 2008, and we've become very good at it. But now the iPhone isn't the only mobile platform in town. Code-Monkeys can also bring your vision for the next killer app to the iPad, Blackberry, or Android.

Application Conversion

Maybe you already have an application one one particular platform but are now interested in broadening your market. We can convert just about any app using a wide variety of technologies. Flash or Adobe Air, Cocoa or Obj-C, or good ol' C++ can bring your brilliant concept to the web, to most any smartphone or to even wider horizons like Facebook or Hi5.

Video Game Creation

The biggest sector in mobile application development is in gaming. Casual games, 3D RPGs or something never before seen, this is the hot new place for aspiring Activisions to break into the $45 billion video game market. We work with all the popular technologies like Unity, Torque, and OpenFeint as well as having the skills to make home-grown engines from the ground up.

Augmented Reality Applications

The 'sci-fi' field of augmented reality is really heating up with major events at CES, GDC and SXSW. This cutting edge technology requires some very specific skills, skills Code-Monkeys was deploying with Aruba Networks and Google Earth years before AR was a buzzword. If you want in on this exciting new space, Code-Monkeys can get you there successfully the first time out.

Web Application Design and Database Development

All the magic of the new mobilesphere is exciting but the vast majority of it still relies on the internet to function. To be truly cross-platform these apps almost all count on a robust and responsive web-based tool that supports them all. Whether you need ecommerce, secure record keeping or full-screen Flash site, Code-Monkeys has built more websites than we can count.

Whatever your technology needs,
Code-Monkeys can help

We've built our reputation on providing solid construction and support to our friends and clients for over a decade. Contact Code-Monkeys now and let us know how we can help.

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